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Council approves amended steep slope standards

Tangelwood Phase II also approved



MILTON, Ga. — The City Council unanimously approved, with councilmember Joe Longoria absent, to amend its proposed steep slope standards from 25 to 33 percent at Monday’s meeting. The ordinance, which is meant to preserve the natural character of hillsides, applies to development standards. The ordinance prevents “inappropriate” development on steep slopes, protects the slopes from erosion and protects aesthetic qualities of steep slopes.

A steep slope is a calculation of the percentage of the rise in a section of land over a set distance.

As originally drafted, the standards would have included the primary ridgeline in the calculations of a plot’s slope. The primary ridgeline is the meeting of the tops of sloping surfaces of land that are 50 feet higher than the exterior road and within 500 feet of the right of way.

But this condition was nixed from the approved standards, with some councilmembers fearing it could interfere with other ordinances or that it would create too strict of regulations on potential development. Councilmembers Matt Kunz and Bill Lusk said the addition of the ridgeline standards would be overregulating.

The council also removed from the ordinance its roof slope standards. The standards proposed that roofs must be designed so the roofline of a building does not rise above a primary ridgeline by more than two feet and that rooflines for new structures should be broken into a series of smaller components.

The roofline standards were within the Atlanta Regional Commission model ordinance. The Milton Planning Commission placed the standards back in the proposed steep slope standards in December.

In other action Monday, the council approved Tanglewood Preserve Phase II. The Traton Homes development will create 14 lots at 1.1 acres per lot off Thompson Road.

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