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Credit check uncovers multiple fraud attempts



MILTON, Ga. — A man reported multiple fraud attempts in his name Feb. 13, some of which were foiled when the suspect was asked to visit the stores in person.

The man first noticed the fraudulent activity when he decided to refinance his house and checked his credit history. After running the check, he soon learned that a Sprint account had been opened Feb. 3 under his name using an address from someone in Arizona. He contacted Sprint to close the account and alert them to the fraud.

He additionally was told that there were two attempts at opening a line of credit with his name with T-Mobile and Conn Credit. When the man contacted both companies, he was told that the attempts were denied when the suspect refused to come into the stores to open the account in person.

The man told police that his information had been compromised a few years ago as a patient in South Forsyth Family Medical. He was told that during his stay, a third-party database had been breached.

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