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Previewing Milton’s new government building

Rural character meets modern design in City Hall



MILTON, Ga. — Milton finally has a city hall of its own.

Gone will be the strip-mall appearance and the yellowish haze of fluorescent lighting and cramped quarters of the old city hall. That’s all been replaced by a modern, beautifully appointed building that pays homage to Milton’s past and its rural character.

The new City Hall, located at 2006 Heritage Walk, will open this Friday. The 32,000-square foot facility has been under construction since Dec. 1, 2016 and was completed on deadline and on budget ($11.5 million).

City Architect Bob Buscemi said a focus for the new City Hall was to blend the rural character of Milton with a modern, open workspace that allows for natural lighting.

Kathy Fields, Milton community development director, said the new town hall will serve as an anchor for the city and downtown Crabapple. A community building, separate from the town hall, will serve as a meeting place for Milton’s committees as well as residents who wish to rent the facility. Adjoining the community building will be outdoor restrooms and a plaza with outdoor furniture that connects the two buildings. Fields said the plaza will be “community interactive” and allows for vendor tents and outdoor space for festivals.

City Hall’s interior is divided by legislative and administrative offices. Adding to its character, meeting rooms are named for Milton streets.

Fields said the two-story City Hall is designed to last 50 years, so the interior was fashioned with an open workspace conducive to millennials. The building also has room for expansion as the city and its staff grows.

The entrance will feature a guide kiosk where visitors can watch a live feed of the video stream within the council chambers. Those chambers will have more seating, with elected leaders and staff seated in front behind a horseshoe-shaped dais.

The building was constructed with environmental impact in mind and designed up to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.

An energy efficient “cool” roof was installed, the electrical load was kept low and a cutting-edge HVAC system was installed. The HVAC system, a super variable refrigerant flow system, funnels coolant throughout the building increasing its efficiency.

City manager Steven Krokoff said he is thoroughly impressed with the building and praised Buscemi for his work in the design.

“Bob has been crucial to keeping the rural design aspects to the City Hall and tying the building in to our city’s character,” Krokoff said. “He was here every day and was able to answer questions or concerns quickly which expedited the process. It’s a luxury some other cities don’t have, and we are very thankful for his work on this project.” Krokoff said.

The new City Hall opens March 10.

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