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String of autos entered overnight



MILTON, Ga. — Police say multiple cars along Alstonefield Drive and Weycroft Circle were burglarized late Feb. 22 and early Feb. 23, but not much was reported missing.

A 2003 Ford Explorer, 2006 Ford Expedition, 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan and a 2015 Ford F-150 were all entered during that time.

The owners of the Tiguan and F-150, who reside on Weycroft Circle, Milton, said nothing was taken from their vehicles but that the contents of their glovebox and middle consoles had been rummaged through.

The owners of the Explorer and Expedition, a married couple in Alstonefield Drive, Alpharetta, reported similar instances. Both of the cars were unlocked.

The man said that he was tipped off that something was out of place when he saw a Maxi Pad on the ground beside the couple’s Expedition.

According to the owner of the Expedition, the only item missing from the car was a small, black lockbox that the owner uses to house a revolver. The revolver was not in the case at the time of the incident.

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