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Eaves declares property assessments ‘invalid’

Cites irregularities in process that call entire process into question



ATLANTA – Swamped with phone calls and emails to complain about soaring property revaluations, the Fulton County Commission as well as local elected officials, have asked that the current digest revaluation be “rescinded.”

Fulton County Commission Chairman John Eaves has “asked” for a thorough examination of the county’s revaluation of the tax digest.

But the Fulton Board of Assessors has responded that they are sticking with the data as it has been compiled, at least for now. The assessors are scheduled to meet again June 15.

At a May 30 press conference, Eaves asked on behalf of the full Board of Commissioners for review of “all assessments to ensure their quality and accuracy.”

The maelstrom began when property owners began receiving Fulton property valuations that were 30 percent, 50 percent and some even 100 percent greater than the previous year.

Eaves called the “sticker shock” understandable, but the frustration goes far beyond mere increases.

“The credibility and the quality of the overall level of assessments” has been called into question,” the chairman said.

“[It] has risen to a level that we are requesting the Board of Assessors and the chief assessor immediately rescind the recent assessments and conduct a thorough 30-day review of all assessments to ensure their quality and accuracy.”

“It is fairly evident that with over 50 percent of residential property homeowners seeing an increase of greater than 20 percent in assessed value, the currently submitted notices will result in a record number of appeals,” Eaves said.

Such an avalanche of appeals will force resolution of the digest into a court-ordered process.

Taking immediate action is the prudent and right thing to do, Eaves said.

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