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Man cites religious beliefs for LSD possession



MILTON, Ga. — An Atlanta man was arrested for possession of multiple illegal drugs near Cambridge High School May 18.

A Milton officer noticed the man walking near the school after midnight and stopped to question him.

Justin Thomas Northrop, 24, of Atlanta said he was attempting to walk to Amicalola Falls northeast of Jasper, a trek of some 44 miles.

He said he had been traveling on foot after taking MARTA earlier in the day.

Northrop was asked by officers if there was anything illegal in the backpack he was carrying. After replying no when first asked, Northrop later admitted there was marijuana in the bag.

Officers found three bags of marijuana and a pill bottle which contained LSD wrapped in foil.

Northrop asked officers not to expose the LSD to sunlight as it would lower its potency. He stated he had the LSD for religious purposes and he “only takes it on top of mountains.” He said it was $90 worth and for him it was a lifetime supply.

Officers also discovered 13 pills and Northrop admitted he knew the pills were Schedule IV drugs. He said he did not have a prescription for them and purchased them online because they help keep people awake.

Northrop stated he also had an ecstasy pill, but said he might have left it at home considering he normally travels with five pill bottles and only had four that day.

Other medications and powders were also found, which Northrop said were natural herbs and legal medication. Northrop said he is studying to become a doctor and has “all kinds of medications.”

Northrop was arrested for possession of Schedule I drugs, possession of Schedule IV drugs, possession of marijuana and possession of drug-related objects.

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