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Man refuses escort, has money stolen



MILTON, Ga. — An escort attempted to steal money from a man’s wallet after the man refused to pay for sex at the Spring Hill Suites in Milton May 28.

According to the victim, a man from Alabama, said he approached a group of men in the hotel’s lobby around 4 a.m. and asked if they knew any girls that would want to hang out. He said one of the men at the table said he knew a woman nearby and gave the man her number.

The female, Lashika Sakori Fields of Miami, Florida, followed the man up to the room and asked the man if he was going to pay her. The man told police Fields said she, “expects to get paid for sex.”

The man refused but offered Fields a ride home. He then used the bathroom and came out to find Fields had left the hotel room and $73 was missing from his wallet. He caught up to Fields in the lobby and demanded his money back.

Fields and the man argued before Fields spit in the man’s face, prompting a hotel employee to call police.

Fields admitted to police she had been an escort for six years, she had spit on the man and had taken the $73 from his wallet. Her account of the incident differed from the victim’s as she stated he had agreed to pay her $220 for a 30-minutes sexual encounter through the website, Backpages.

The victim did not want to press charges, stating he just wanted his money back.

Fields was arrested for solicitation for an illegal sex act.

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