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Milton installs new sunscreen dispensers at park  



MILTON, Ga. — Milton is aiming to fight the rise in Melanoma with free sunscreen dispensers at the city’s parks.

Milton›s parks and recreation department installed two free sunscreen dispensers loaded with SPF 30 lotion at Bell Memorial Park.

“We know that Melanoma rates are on the rise, and one of the ways we can help prevent burning and possible skin cancer is by protecting ourselves with sunscreen,” said Jim Cregge, Milton›s director of parks and recreation. 

The bright yellow sunscreen dispensers are located across from the park atrium near the public restrooms. The SPF 30 lotion is safe for use by those six months and older. Each dispenser supports approximately 250 users. During the first few months, city staff will monitor usage to ensure timely refills. Sunscreen stations will also have contact information posted for residents to report an empty dispenser.

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