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Police arrest man annoyed by lights



MILTON, Ga. — A man visiting his sister was arrested in Devonshire Farms June 18 after becoming annoyed by “strange lights” coming from a nearby home.

Police responded to a call of the man banging on the door of the home from which the lights eminated around midnight. Officers arrived and found the man, intoxicated and with a beer in hand, and questioned him.

The man said he was visiting his sister who lives across the street and that he had been seeing strange lights coming from the windows of the neighbor’s home. The man decided to “investigate” and admitted to banging on the door and windows.

When asked why he wanted to speak to the neighbors in the middle of the night, the man stated, “because they are criminal Russians and [the police] aren’t doing anything about it.” He also said, “You should see what they are doing in there. They are criminals.”

The man was arrested for disorderly conduct under the influence.

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