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Letter to the Editor

Take from a Roswell councilman’s wife



I would like to thank Hatcher Hurd for writing the article about “Dirty politics only demeans democratic process.”
I have lived in Roswell for over 30 years and my family has never been political until my husband was encouraged to run for Roswell City Council. I was fearful of what politics might do to a wonderful caring man who only wanted to help make his community a better place to live.
The biggest surprise for me has been that some of the same people who supported him now only want to control how he votes. They are not considering what may be in the best interest of all citizens living in Roswell.
The oath that each new City Councilperson takes is:
“I solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States and of the State of Georgia; and that I will in all respects observe the provisions of the Charter and ordinances of the City of Roswell, and I will well and truly perform the duties of the office of City Council, and that I will to the utmost of my skill and ability endeavor to promote the interest and property of said city, without fear, favor or affection. So help me God.”
Unfortunately, what most citizens do not understand is that there are many sides revolving around an issue.
We all must be willing to be more involved, serving on committees, and taking time to be educated on all of the problems facing the City of Roswell, or each of us will only ever see one side of an issue.
– Gayle Horton, Roswell

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