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After devastating day, Mill Springs shows support for its students

Parents remind students they are not alone, are loved



MILTON, Ga. — In one day, Mill Springs Academy had to deal with three separate and devastating events that most schools rarely encounter.

On April 24, a freshman student was found dead after committing suicide. A student with the school’s track and field team collapsed in cardiac arrest. Another student was arrested on charges of statutory rape.

In response to these traumatic events, staff and members of Mill Springs’ Parent Volunteer Association (PVA) braved soggy conditions and downpours May 1 to show support for the students. Members of the PVA stood outside the school with signs stating “You Are Loved,” “You Matter” and “We are in your corner, rain or shine.”

Students were also greeted with signs of encouragement and support on every locker and around the campus on lampposts, railings and signs.

A statement from the school’s PVA said, “The goal of this campaign is to remind everyone at every turn that they are loved, valued, and not alone.”

The statement also addressed the reaction of parents and staff in a show of support through such trying times.

“It quickly became apparent that the students were not the only ones who were impacted by these messages. Nearly every adult that experienced this campaign of love was overwhelmed and many [were] moved to tears as they realized that they needed this support just as much as the students,” the statement said. The student who suffered cardiac arrest has recovered.

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