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After employee resigns, items go missing



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — An employee at Sage Clothing in Avalon turned in a letter of resignation and then allegedly stole from the store.

Store employees found the resignation from Amanda Nicole Santos, 21, of Johns Creek on the store manager’s desk April 7 after she closed the store the night before.

However, the manager later noticed several items out of place in the store and took inventory. A total of 14 clothing items, worth $743, was missing.

Surveillance footage showed Santos with an unknown suspect taking items off the shelves. The unknown suspect then entered the fitting room and concealed them in a large bag before exiting the store.

The manager confronted Santos about the thefts via text and Santos responded via text admitting to taking the merchandise, police said. Santos agreed to return the items on April 7 and was arrested for shoplifting.

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