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Roswell Arts Fund announces Bucket Brigade



ROSWELL, Ga. — The Roswell Arts Fund has announced that Bucket Brigade, a sculpture by Peter Reiquam, will reside at Fire Station No. 4 on Old Alabama Road. Opening ceremonies and ribbon cutting will be at 8:15 p.m., April 27 to allow the artwork to illuminate the event. The sculpture, a salute to the history of firefighting, is based on the old-time method of fighting fires with water-filled buckets. Bucket Brigade illustrates this tradition by using a series of buckets as individual frames in stop-motion animation. Bucket Brigade is the outcome of Roswell’s first official public art process.

The Art Selection Panel for the project was comprised of Roswell stakeholders, including Deputy Fire Chief Tony Papoutsis.

As summed up by the sculpture’s creator, “Bucket Brigade describes, on a grand scale, the act of passing a bucket of water, hand-to-hand, neighbor-to-neighbor, and throwing it onto a raging fire.”

The Roswell Arts Fund is a local non-profit organization and the designated arts agency for the City of Roswell. The Roswell Arts Fund works with business and civic leaders to strengthen strategic investments in the arts. One mandate is to bring more public art to Roswell.

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